Stainless steel

For the most demanding applications: food industry, petrochemistry, water treatment, environment...

Nickel Alloys

JACQUET offers one of the largest inventories of nickel alloys.


Saw, plasma, laser, waterjet, JACQUET UK has a large fleet of processing machines to meet your technical and economic requirements..


JACQUET, A worldwide leader in the distribution of processed stainless steel and nickel alloys Quarto plates. 29 sites in 20 countries.

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JACQUET UK is a service oriented stainless and nickel alloy processing company that provide fast turnaround and delivery.  JACQUET stocks 19 different grades In plate and bar as well as offer a wide range of processing capabilities to provide customers with unique and low cost solutions to their metal needs.

Our team of sales, engineering and production specialists bring many years of metals industry experience, allowing us to offer our customers unique, innovative and cost effective solutions to most of all their metal requirements.

Utilizing our large process capabilities we can assure customers high quality, tight tolerance parts and pieces delivered within a fast and dependable time frame.

Our mission is to consistently provide high quality service to our customers thru:

  • Fast turn around time for all quotations
  • Short lead times on processed material
  • Fast, dependable deliveries
  • Tight tolerance quality products
  • No minimum order quantity or added charges for small quantity
  • Large inventory of specialty stainless and nickel alloy

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Wear resistant and high yield strength steels

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